90 Thwaites Road, Accrington, BB5 4QU

Invoice Number INV-0007
Invoice Date June 11, 2019
Due Date June 25, 2019
Total Due £150.00
The Salvation Army

Empress Street

All PCs have been cleaned and reformatted to Windows, one PC has only been upgraded to Windows 7 (from Windows XP) and the other two have had Windows 10 reinstalled.

Please note:

* I had two PCs brought in at first and I was informed that they do not work, after a quick test they booted fine and had no errors. No charge had been made as no work was needed. If you would like these to be reformatted also please let me know.

* All PCs that had been formatted, have had the preliminary checks after successful installation to ensure full working order and no further windows updates or software installations have taken place.

Payment can be made when the work is done or within 14 days of the invoice being created.  You can either pay by bank transfer or by paypal using the email If using paypal always ensure to note the invoice number.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
3 Windows Refresh

Reformat Drives and Fresh Install of Windows

1 Labour
1 Virus Removal

One PC had a seperate DATA drive which had been blocked with ransomware. If left unchecked this could have potentially corrupted the main drive and/or spread to other PCs which could have rendered them unsuable until a payment is made to the virus creator.

Sub Total £170.00
Tax £0.00
Discount -£20.00
Total Due £150.00

Via Bank:

Mr J E Barnes

Account Number: 14804638

Sort Code: 01-00-85