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Invoice Number INV-0006
Invoice Date April 11, 2019
Total Due £84.99

Register new domain:

After speaking with you, we could do our third package which would include:

Website Design
Website Management

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Domain (2 Year)
Renewal £25.98 per 2 years

1 Website Hosting

Hosting the domain via
Is normally paid per month, but you can pay for the year to reduce the amount of payments.

£6 Per Month or £72 for the year

1 Website Design

Designing the website to user needs and requirements.
I would need a full description of the website, services, prices, contact details etc. Please supply all information to

This would include designing the front end of the website and creating a structure for viewers. The registrant (customer) would also receive a user to be able to edit the site (once live)

1 Website Management

This can be paid either per month or per year. This would cover everything else apart from the design, this would include:

Technical Support (Monday - Sat) (Out of hours + Sundays at an additional cost)
Regular Plugin Updates
Social Media intergration
And any other day to day running and health checks of the website.

Sub Total £84.99
Tax £0.00
Total Due £84.99

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Mr J E Barnes

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