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I created AudioMarker by simply being a master of procrastination.  I got into learning Italian around November 2017 and me being me, decided to create some tools to help me (and subsequently spent weeks doing that instead of actually learning the language).  AudioMarker came out of the procrastination fire pit!.

This software is designed to help those who use Audio learning tools (Things like Pimsleur) keep track of their learning progress and make lists of Native/Foreign words and phrases they have learned during their journey.



  • Create lists of Native/Foreign translations of words/phrases (which link to the current audio-track time and name if you have a file active during the session).
  • Translate to your chosen language directly from within the software. (Choose between Google Translate or DeepL Translate
  • Handly (albeit basic) notepad for making…notes.
  • YouTube (Pop-out Window) – Use YouTube fullscreen directly within AudioMarker
  • DeepL Translation added as an alternative to Google Translate
  • List of resources (Websites & Downloads) – List is editable but will come with a pre-installed selection (pre-installed list NOT added yet)
  • Export word lists as HTML
  • Export to XLS

– Please Note:  When opening XLS files exported by AudioMarker, your spreadsheet software will ask you to choose the “separation method” – simply choose “tab” and it will all work smoothly from there.

We would have the download saved with us to make it easier for you to download, but as it is being updated frequently you may not be getting the latest version. Go to Donation Coder to download the latest version.

This software is also free! there is no payment required to download. If you have paid for it elsewhere, you have probably been scammed. However as coding this software is time consuming i do take donations here

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