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Custom Crew Colours For GTA 5 Online

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online? In this post we will be compiling some of the most popular crew colours for Grand Theft Auto with custom colours and hexes. Its very simply and is normally a very quick process to apply and switch colours out for different ones.

The first thing to do to apply custom crew colours to Grand Theft Auto is log into the Rockstar Social Club and then head over to “Crews” but please note that you will need to be the owner of the crew (not sure of the lower ranks) to be able to change these colours. 

Once you are in the Crew section of the Rockstar Social Club you should see this panel

Once you are here, you can either press the hex (#ff0000) to specifically choose a hex colour or press the colour indicator to the right hand side to have a try and define the right colour for you. Once you are happy with your selection all you need to do is press the Save This Crew at the bottom of the page.

On occasion some of these hex colours wont be supported by Rockstars editor so we need to have a bit of a poke using HTML editor. Long story short, all you need to do is:

*Press “Inspect Element”

*Change the value to the desired hex (colour)

*Press enter

*Then press “Save this crew” on the web page.

I used Chrome initially and this technique didn’t work, but I tried Firefox and had no issues. 

Popular Hex colours

If you are a little bit lazy like me and cannot be bothered going through all the hundreds upon thousands of different possibilities for your custom crew colour. We have a list of a variety of custom colours for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.


Alot of these neon colours will need you to apply Ice White as pearlescent for these to have that “neon glow” but feel free to do what works for you.

Neon Orange= #ff7400AA
Neon Tangerine = #ffa700AA
Neon Yellow = #fdff00AA
Neon Lime Green = #bdff00AA
Neon Alien Green = #6fff00AA
Neon Green MK2 = #39ff14 (With Pearlescent Bright Green)
Neon Bright Green = #00ff2bAA
Neon Turquiose = #00ffc5AA
Neon Sky Blue = #00ecffAA
Neon Blue mk2 = #OA17EAAA
Neon Light Blue = #00b8ffAA
Neon Blue = #0038ffAA
Neon Blurple = #4900ffAA
Neon Bright Purple = #bd00ffAA
Neon Purple = #b000ffAA
Neon Bright Pink = #fd00ffAA
Neon Rose Pink = #ff00b4AA
Neon Harlequinn = #ff0074AA
Basic Neon Red = #ff0000 (With Pearlescent Red)
Neon Fire Red = #ff0000AA
Neon Secret Gold = #ffd859AA
Neon Rose Red = #ff5959AA
Neon Pumpkin = #ffa459AA
Neon Lemon = #fff859AA
Neon Mountain Dew = #cbff59AA
Neon Mint Green = #78ff59AA
Neon Toothpaste = #59ff9fAA
Neon Kifflom Blue = #59fffbAA
Neon Pastel Blue = #59c0ffAA
Neon Pastel Purple = #8859ffAA
Neon Indigo = #c359ffAA
Neon Barbie Pink = #ff59f0AA
Neon Candyfloss = #ff59b5AA
Neon Red Lipstick = #ff5959AA


Dark Red = #190000AA
Dark Blue = #000219AA
Dark Green = #001903AA
Dark Yellow = #181900AA
Dark Orange = #190b00AA
Dark Pink = #190015AA
Dark Purple = #100019AA
Dark Cyan = #001819AA
Dark Lime Green = #121900AA
Dark Prink = #19000aAA
Dark Sky Blue = #000c19AA

More Colours

Snot Green = #444808AA (Bluish Silver Pearl)
Deep Flamingo = #351C35AA
Deep Sea = #001418AA
Santa Claus Red = #300005AA
Black Panther = #000000FF
Dusty Rose = #352225AA
Cayo Perico Yellow = #FC7401AA
Lovely Lilac = #2F2B3BAA
Grinch = #16A112AA
Gecko Green = #303A11AA
Frosty Green = #2B554OAA
Bleu = #000324AA (Saxon Blue Pearl)
Deep Pink = #160117AA (Pfister Pink Pearl)
Goldilocks = #2B2621AA
Eggplant = #10002AAA
Bulkhead = #200314AA (Race Yellow Pearl)
Cappuccino = #754231AA
Signal Red = #FF0000AA
Creamy Mint = #5A7268FF
Leto Purple = #200314AA
TVR Purple = #0A001AA
Cheetos = #501616AA
Mountain Dew = #183E0FAA
Halloween Orange = #672C18AA
Mean Machine Green = #001714ff
Fusion = #342E38AA
Cinnamon = #25040AAA
Twilight = 070015ff (Diamond Blue Pearl)
Eggy = #353A13AA
Dark Cyan = #1C3131AA
Candy Purple = #4E2FF2AA
Bright Yellow = #CCFF00AA
Off Yellow = #FFF07FFF
Pink Peach = #FA8072FF
Bruiser = #17093FAA
Light Green = #006032FF
Mint Sensation = #6FDEB700
Bravado Blue #043362AA
Supernova Red = #1A0305AA
Mint Sundae = #398171FF
High roller = #332F00AA

If we come across any more unique colours we will add them to this page. If you have any trouble getting your own custom car colours on Grand Theft Auto Online do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we can help.

If this is all a little bit too complicated but you would still like to have your own custom colours we are more than happy for anyone to join our crew on GTA where we rotate the colours so everyone can get the colour they want.

If you have any of your own colours you would like to see added feel free to comment or message me.

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