SSD, but portable?! Save over £200 on this SSD.

Looking for a portable drive? Samsung now has portable SSD’s. As portable SSD is a relatively new tech in the marketplace, the price tag is a tad steep BUT Amazon have you covered! You can now get one of these for £153.13 from the usual £357. This gives you a whopping saving of over £200. Snap this offer up quickly HERE.

Compact and light

Smaller than the average business card, weighing just 51 grams, and only 10.5 mm thick. The compact, light and slim T5 is the perfect portable storage.

Ready anytime, anywhere

Take everything, all your work and entertainment, with you. The Portable SSD T5 gives you simple and efficient access to your massive data so you can complete tasks quickly and on the move. Take along your documents, large-sized photos or videos, and get things done wherever you go.

Connect with ease

Connect the T5 to an extensive range of devices from PCs, Macs, smartphones and other devices. The included USB Type-C to C cable and USB Type-C to A cable give you seamless connectivity without the hassle of purchasing additional adapters.

Storage made new

The Samsung Portable SSD T5 elevates data transfer speeds to the next level and unleashes a new experience in external storage. With a compact and durable design and password protection, the T5 is truly easy to carry and stores data securely.

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