Nanoleaf Rhythm Music Syncing Smarter Kit – 9x Panels for under £200

You have more than likley seen other peoples set gaming setups with the Nanoleaf panels. You can now get your own from Amazon for under £200 by visiting the link HERE.

  • Set of 9x LED panels: the rhythm makes it possible to see sound, visually remastering your music into animated displays of colour and light
  • With gorgeous colour displays produced by your own soundtrack, the Rhythm Music Syncing Smarter Kit creates an immersive symphony of light and music that’s personalised just for you
  • RGBW LED panels – 16.7M colours + tuneable white (warm sunrise to brilliant daylight)
  • Power up to 30 panels with each Nanoleaf Aurora Controller
  • Works with iOS8 or later (Home Kit), Android 5.01 or later and Google Assistant, Apple Home App, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. Includes everything you need to get started.

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